There is a limit to how much financial aid you can receive.

If you entered as a:

  • Resident, first-time, first-year student: You will receive a maximum of eight semesters of financial aid from Mount Holyoke.
  • Off-campus (commuting) Frances Perkins student: You may receive funding for up to 128 attempted credits, including any credits transferred to Mount Holyoke.

    Credits transferred to the College earned during a semester or year of study abroad or during an academic or nonacademic leave count toward the semester limit, whether or not financial aid from the College was provided for these credits. (Federal aid may be available.) You should plan your course of study with these maximums in mind.

  • Resident transfer or FP student: Your financial aid is limited based on the total number of credits accepted for transfer at any point.

    Credits transferred Semesters of aid eligibility remaining
    12–27 7
    28–43 6
    44–59 5
    60–64 4

Note: Credits transferred to the College earned during a semester or year of study abroad or earned during an academic leave will count toward the eight semester funding limit, whether or not you received financial aid from the College for these credits.

Request for extension of the eight semester or 128 credit limit

Students may request an extension of aid past the eight semester or 128 credit limit by emailing or writing Student Financial Services with the request and providing supporting documentation regarding the need for an additional semester. If the additional semester is needed because of an earlier medical leave, students should ask Health Services to email Student Financial Services with verification of the medical leave. Requests for additional aid that are not due to medical reasons must receive the support of the academic dean and the student’s advisor. Students should consult with SFS and academic dean if considering a request for financial aid funding for an additional semester or additional credits. Students may also request that up to eight (8) transfer credits not be considered in calculating funding limitations if the coursework was needed to make up for credits that were attempted but not earned while at Mount Holyoke and if the credits were earned after enrolling at Mount Holyoke.

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The Office of Student Financial Services administers financial aid and student billing.