The Frances Perkins Tuition Scholarship

All students admitted to the Frances Perkins Program receive this scholarship, which covers the cost of tuition. For commuting students, the tuition scholarship is limited to 128 credits, including any credits you transfer to the College. If you reside on campus, the number of approved transfer credits will determine your semesters of aid eligibility. If additional credits are transferred after the initial awarding of the scholarship, this will be factored into your remaining eligibility. If you live on campus, you are expected to enroll in 16 credits per semester. If you live off campus, you must take a minimum of 8 credits per semester.

Frances Perkins Scholarship recipients are also eligible for other need-based financial aid to defray other costs of attendance. See forms and deadlines for applying for need-based financial aid.

The Frances Perkins Tuition Scholarship is renewed automatically in subsequent years, provided the student maintains satisfactory academic progress (SAP) as defined by Mount Holyoke College. Recipients of the scholarship do not need to apply for need-based financial aid to renew the scholarship.

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