Mount Holyoke provides students approximately 1,000 job opportunities in residence halls, administrative offices, academic departments, the library and buildings and grounds. You may be offered one of two forms of student employment funds in your financial aid package.

Federal work-study: a need-based federal student aid program that provides funds to students for on-campus jobs as well as off-campus positions in community service.

Work-study: Need-based funding provided by the College for work-study positions on campus.

If you are eligible for work-study, you will be packaged with an average of $2,400 per academic year, an amount that represents approximately six to eight hours of work per week while classes are in session. Earnings from student employment are never automatically applied to your charges owed to the College. Once earned, it is up to the student to decide how they will use their earnings. Most students use their earnings to pay for books and personal expenses. You may decline the offer of work-study by notifying Student Financial Services.

Student jobs are available in residence halls, dining, administrative offices, academic departments, the library and the facilities management department. You are responsible for securing a campus job. You do not need to receive work-study aid to work on campus, but certain jobs are reserved for work-study students. Generally, international students are limited to working on the Mount Holyoke campus, with the exception of certain types of off-campus employment that is related to their studies and authorized in advance.

More information on student employment is available through the student employment office in the Career Development Center.

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The Office of Student Financial Services administers financial aid and student billing.