Susan Kare

  • Pioneer of pixel art and graphical computer interface
Susan Kare

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Artist and graphic designer Susan Kare was born in Ithaca, New York, wanting to be a fine artist or teacher. In 1983, Kare designed the visual core language for the first Macintosh computer and was an integral member in the prerelease marketing campaign. 

When Steve Jobs left Apple in 1986, Kare followed him to NeXT, Inc. to become the creative director and the new company’s 10th employee. 

As an independent designer, Kare has worked with Microsoft, Motorola and Sony Pictures. In 2003, she was recommended by Nancy Pelosi to fill one of four appointments to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee to design coins for the United States Mint. In 2015, the Museum of Modern Art exhibited the first physical representation of her iconography.

Class year: 1975
Major: art; Doctor of Science honorary degree, 2001

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