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NOTE: In order to be a member of the senior class, you need 92 credits to begin fall of your senior year. To be classified as a junior, you need 56 credits to begin fall of your junior year. To be a member of the sophomore class, you need 24 credits to begin fall of your sophomore year. No student is allowed to reclassify during her first year at the College; she may request reclassification after her second-semester grades have been recorded.

If you receive financial aid from Mount Holyoke, please note that reclassification will affect the terms of your award. If you decide to accelerate and reclassify to the class ahead, you will receive aid for the number of semesters remaining for you to graduate with your new class in May. Should you decide in the future to reclassify back to your original class, you may do so. However, the terms of your financial aid award will not be revised to allow an additional semester or year.

You do not need to list actual courses, but you should list how many credits you will take in each remaining semester to complete 128 credits by your intended graduation date and note how many credits in each semester will meet your major, minor,and/or distribution requirements.