Becoming #Mathers

Getting students to see themselves as mathematicians (or mathers as we like to call them) can be challenging.

Below you’ll find some resources that will help you engage your learners in thinking about math, doing math and building the #Mathers community in your classroom.

Solve a Visual Mathematical Mystery with Graham Fletcher’s 3-Act Tasks
Grade Levels: K-12

While having information slowly revealed students:

  • Create mathematical questions based on a visual
  • Estimate for reasonableness
  • Solve collaboratively 

Illuminate Positive Math Identities with YouCubed’s Week of Inspirational Math
Grade Levels: K-8

Using Jo Bauler & Stanford University’s tools to create a 5-day plan:

  • Choose a math mindset video
  • Choose a Math Task
  • Discuss the different ways students solved
  • Don’t forget to do the math along with your students!
  • This is a great resource for those conference days, before break or just those times when you need to reset students’ math mindsets.

Read a Book during Math Class
Grade Levels K-6

Remember all students love listening to and talking about a good book.

Incorporate Math into Morning Meeting
Grade Levels K-5

Build your community of mathers with some simple activities during your morning meeting block.

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