A career in media thanks to my five-college professors

Through the insight, connections and encouragement of my professors, I launched my career in media.

Major: Five College Film Studies, minor in Gender Studies/Queer Studies

Advanced Degree: MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Having the opportunity to access the Five College Consortium through Mount Holyoke Film Studies program had a tremendous impact on my experience in college. As a film studies major with a gender studies/queer studies minor, I was lucky enough to take classes and regularly attend events, screenings, and lectures at all of the five different colleges.

After graduation, I completed my Masters in Fine Arts in Film, Video, New Media at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I found my passion for critical new media studies through a course at Smith College, and at the same time, a Hampshire College professor encouraged me to apply to SAIC's prestigious Film graduate Department.

It was the encouragement and insight from the teachers that I developed relationships with, from all of the five colleges, that fueled my drive and gave me the confidence to continue a career in media.

As a current freelance videographer, video editor, teacher, and constant learner- I am so grateful to have Mount Holyoke be my alma mater. If it wasn't for the deep connections and endless pool of knowledge that I received from the five college film major — I wouldn't be where I am now.