Critical thinking without judgment

“In class there is never fear of arguments or awkward tension. Instead, there are stimulating questions and critical evaluations and conclusions.”

“Mount Holyoke students encourage each other to be respectful of everyone’s thoughts and opinions. All Mount Holyoke students carry within them open-minded perspectives and the knowledge that it is good and OK to make mistakes.”

“An astonishing number of Mount Holyoke students are part of the LGBT+ community, myself included! There is no judgment here at Mount Holyoke. We will love and accept you as you are.”

First-year seminar: Representative Works of Modern Chinese Literature MEMBER: Tea Club, Knit Happens

Five College involvement: As a politics major, I write many papers and conduct a lot of research, and with the help of the Five College libraries, I have access to billions of books and just as many research databases!

Career aspirations: To be a mortician.


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