Crossing boundaries, breaking barriers

“I had the opportunity to travel to Trujillo, Perú, for six weeks to intern with Medical Electives Perú, which provides free health care to underserved communities.”

“My six weeks there were a crash course not only in medical Spanish and the Peruvian health care system but also in the skills that will be applicable in my future work anywhere in the world.”

“I have moments when I find myself astonished, humbled and deeply grateful that every student in the room, and very often the professors, are people who historically have had no access to these spaces and who, even now, have limited access to male-dominated STEM fields. It continues to blow my mind that we have opportunities to occupy otherwise-inaccessible spaces and that we are encouraged and empowered to take them.”

Internships: Summer research fellow at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center, summer research intern at Boston Children’s Hospital Department of Cardiology

Member: Victory Eights (V8s) A Capella

Career aspirations: My long-term goal is to be a pediatric/adolescent cardiologist specializing in a holistic/integrated model of care.


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