Fearless Research in Solar Cells

Joining Alexi Arango's research team as a first-year student built confidence in the classroom and the laboratory.

Major: physics major

As a student Gillian currently worked within Professor Alexi Arango’s lab in the Department of Physics, known as “The Next Generation Solar Cell Laboratory”. She was involved in doing research alongside Professor Arango studying the physics of solar cells. They fabricated and analyzed the solar cells and they hope this work could eventually be used to make efficient, thin and flexible solar panels.

Gillian first got involved in the solar cell lab during her first year, in which she researched quantum dots solar cells for eight weeks over the summer. Gillian went on to focus on studying different materials used in the solar cell to try to achieve the high performing devices.

Gillian emphasizes that her professors have been outstanding research mentors and that the Department of Physics has provided her with an abundance of meaningful opportunities. She believes that her research in a physics lab helped her feel more confident in her classes, and mentors like Professor Arango have truly challenged her to be fearless in expressing her scientific observations and in asking questions.