MHC named best in STEM

When it comes to providing STEM education for historically marginalized populations, Mount Holyoke smashes through barriers.

Mount Holyoke was named among the best colleges in the nation for underrepresented students in STEM by ZDNet, which covers news and analyzes trends in the IT world.

The survey assessed institutions’ programs and support for underrepresented students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It assessed recruitment, retention, graduation rates and professional networking opportunities, as well as opportunities for real-world research experience, STEM clubs and mentoring programs.

Mount Holyoke’s commitment to education for historically underrepresented populations in STEM is a foundational principle that goes beyond standard classroom instruction and includes the Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab, a mentorship program for on-campus students, and guaranteed funding for qualifying internships through its Lynk program

In addition, ZDNet noted that Mount Holyoke’s yearly computer hacking event became the first ever coed hackathon with a 1:1 gender ratio. 

More than a third of Mount Holyoke’s students graduate with a STEM degree. According to NSF data, between 1970 and 2019 Mount Holyoke produced more graduates classified as female who earned their PhDs in STEM fields than any other liberal arts college.

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