MHC ranks for online programs

Mount Holyoke’s graduate programs in education have ranked in the top half of 2022’s “Best Online Programs” according to U.S. News & World Report.

Mount Holyoke’s Professional and Graduate Education program for education has placed in the top 50% of 2022’s “Best Online Programs” in the United States, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. 

Offering top-notch education for teachers at all stages in their careers, Mount Holyoke’ graduate program has been providing online education since 2013–14.

For Mount Holyoke, the key to graduate program success is and has always been working to meet the needs of the professionals who participate. The executive director of graduate programs at Mount Holyoke, Tiffany Espinosa, noted that the need for such flexible programs to support upcoming teachers in schools navigating a world of complex new challenges is critical. 

“Working in the field of teacher preparation and teacher education is very different these days,” said Espinosa. “We support our graduate students as they navigate incredibly stressful challenges, helping them identify ways to maintain their resilience, develop networks of support and build their advocacy and leadership skills.”

U.S. News has been collecting data on the overall academic quality of online programs for the past 10 years. This year Mount Holyoke’s graduate program placed in the top half of more than 1,600 programs that U.S. News compared. 

Ultimately the rankings reflect how well the programs deliver course material remotely. “The Best Online Programs rankings measure whether online degree programs have academic standards commensurate with quality brick-and-mortar programs, properly adapted toward the unique pedagogy of distance education,” said U.S. News on its website.

The success of programs such as Mount Holyoke’s has a much wider effect than just on the individuals who directly benefit, said Espinosa. 

“Not only do the families they serve need this, so do the principals, heads of schools and administrators who rely on them to help support school culture. We are so proud that throughout the past couple of years our students have found refuge and community with us, which helped them weather these extreme times.”

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