MHC study emphasizes benefits of Lynk funding

A Mount Holyoke team’s recent study stressed the benefits of the Lynk internship program and its implications on undergraduate career outcomes.

By Xiomara Núñez '20

A recent study by a Mount Holyoke College research team revealed that good predictors of a future undergraduate’s career are grade point average and total number of completed internships.

The team’s findings were recently featured in The Wall Street Journal and Money magazine. The study, titled “The Impact of Undergraduate Internships on Post-Graduate Outcomes for Liberal Arts,” was commissioned by the National Association of Colleges and Employers Center for Career Development and Acquisition.

The team consisted of Eleanor Townsley, professor of sociology and director of the Nexus Curriculum to Career Program, Liz Lierman, director of the Career Development Center (CDC), Jenny Watermill, associate director for internships and student employment in the CDC, and Dyanne Rousseau, CDC program manager.