Career Development Center

The CDC is your guide, coach, and support as you explore your interests, chart your course for the future, and gain the practical experience necessary to succeed in the marketplace.

At the CDC you will learn about careers MHC graduates have pursued and map your own unique path to success. You will find fascinating internship, job and recruiting opportunities in LyonNet, ways to connect with alumnae through Career Network, and options for student employment in JobX.

Visit the CDC to meet with a career advisor who will help you figure out your next steps. As senior year approaches, you will be well prepared for your job search and the many recruiting opportunities offered through the CDC.

New! Professional Development Programs with Fullbridge and Koru Careers, Inc.

Mount Holyoke has partnered with two prestigious organizations, Fullbridge and Koru Careers Inc., to provide you with hands-on work experience and professional development. These programs are a part of The Lynk, and connect your academic work with practical experience and career exploration. 

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