To pursue biomedical engineering in graduate school.

Amy's goal is to pursue biomedical engineering and she is working in the Herd Lab.

Major: Physics

Research Group: The Herd Lab

Amy does research in Teresa Herd’s lab on a project named “Cell Ultrasound". She is responsible for cell culture, including feeding, freezing, and thawing ovarian cells of Chinese hamsters. By studying these cells and how they organize, her research group intends to figure out the factors that make benign cancer cells differ from malignant ones.

By investigating the characteristics such as the speed of attenuation and sound, they intend to find a way to categorize tumors. Amy says, “I chose physics because I want to have a career as an engineer and majoring in physics provides me with an adequate base, so that I can pursue an engineering master’s degree in graduate school.

I chose Teresa's lab because I am interested in becoming a bio-medical engineer, and the physics lab met my interests. One day I would like to engineer new prosthetics.”

She is currently comparing programs at different universities to see which she likes the best.