Striving for Success in Multiple Ways

Professors at MHC showed me it was possible to balance career and family.

Major: Physics and Astronomy

Advanced Degrees: Masters in Physics, PhD in Education, Teaching Certificate

My majors (Physics and Astronomy) were largely possible because I had an amazing adviser who supported me in pursuing my interests. Darby Dyar is the professor who showed me that it was possible to be a woman, a mother, and a professional. The most influential part about Mount Holyoke was seeing well-rounded, real women like Darby able to juggle family and career in a meaningful way.

I fell in love with learning about physics and astronomy at MHC and now my career path has led me to teaching courses in both subjects at the university level. I currently work with the physics education research group at SPU and study how to equitably support all students in learning physics and astronomy.

I also fell in love with my partner during college and now I have two perfect daughters to adore. I know that it is okay to have both of these parts of my life, but it is difficult to balance the efforts.

MHC nurtures the whole person and encourages students to remember that anything is possible. I have found that while it is possible to do anything – I cannot do it all! Each moment takes time. My experiences at MHC were the beginning of a life-long journey in which I strive to be content with my best efforts in both career and family. Observing Darby successfully balance family and career during my college experience was inspirational. She is my superhero.