A Tiny House Trilogy

My house has grown from a non-linear network of human interaction, books, coursework, resource flows, and online inspiration.

Major: Architectural Studies and Environmental Studies

Concentration: Geoscience

Internship: Research Intern, Lancaster University, UK; Massachusetts Institute of Tchnology's Science Technology Studies Program; Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY

Award: 5-College Digital Humanities Fellowship

When I entered Mount Holyoke, did I imagine that I would have built my own home before my four years were through?

My diploma now hangs on my wall- a 4" structurally insulated panel engineered to carry traditionally framed timber trusses and to move up to 40 miles per hour. After graduating, I hitched up my tiny house, built upon a 27' trailer, and moved eight miles from my alma mater to a peaceful farm where I began my first vegetable garden and began to experience this enriching lifestyle I had dreamed about since first year.

After my first semester at MHC, I was thrilled to have already found experiences that inspired me to reach high and live deeply. My coursework in environmental studies and architectural studies stirred my mind; I attended special lectures from environmental entrepreneurs, attained funding to go to NESEA's Building Energy Conference in Boston, began working for MHC's Eco-Reps, and finally found confidence in the classroom. From my first day of college, I was aware of new possibility:

I began concocting the idea of my ideal future, where I could become a part of my ecosystem through design. I was going to try something new and show the world what I can do to help, and that was "A big idea in a tiny house".