Transfer Focus: Tumi Moloto ’20

An interview with Tumi during her first semester on campus as a transfer student.

Noteworthy work and volunteer experience: I am passionate about social justice and was an active member of the Black Women’s Collective at the University of Pretoria. I have also done volunteer work to support organizations that play a role in addressing social issues, including organizing a blanket drive that collected hundreds of blankets for the Twilight Children’s Home in Hillbrow and making and selling candles to support the work of the Home of Hope, an organization that rescues underage children from brothels.

Career aspirations: I have been raised in a household that prioritizes service to others, social activism and the importance of leaving the world in a better condition than I found it in. Whatever I do, I know that these principles will be central to my work and to my life.

Proudest moments: This year has been filled with many great moments! I was the top sociology student in my sociology class of 500 students at the University of Pretoria and I was invited to join the Golden Key Honor Society. I was proud to be a member of the Black Women’s Collective, which mobilized against rape culture on campus, and worked to get improved support for victims of sexual harassment and violence on campus.

Why MHC: My grandmother attended Mount Holyoke, which is how I heard about it. At first, the idea of an all-women's college scared me, but the more I learned about MHC, the more I fell in love with it. The academics were what intrigued me initially, but I love the College’s commitment to social change and the betterment of society. Although I have loved my time at the University of Pretoria, I felt that I was ready for a change and that I would have more opportunities to learn and grow at MHC than I would in South Africa. So I decided to take the leap and apply. 

First impressions: As soon as I stepped foot on campus and experienced the warm energy of the people, I knew I had found the right fit.

If you’ve been able to visit, favorite places so far on campus: I have not explored the entire campus yet, but I am excited to see the Japanese tea house and meditation garden!

Where do you want to be in 10 years: I would like to have my master’s degree, and possibly Ph.D., working in an organization that addresses inequality and makes positive difference in the world.

Favorite TV show, movie, music: Currently my favorite TV shows  are “Jane The Virgin” and “Insecure.” I love shows with strong female leads, especially women of color.

Favorite social media: Facebook, for the memes!