Adam Hilton

Assistant Professor of Politics
American Politics; US Elections; Political Parties; Social Movements; American Political Development

Professor Adam Hilton's teaching and research approaches American politics from a comparative and historical perspective. More specifically, his scholarship focuses on the intersection of institutional and contentious forms of politics, especially the dynamic interrelationships of social movements and political parties as co-evolutionary forces in American political development.

His current book project, From New Deal to Neoliberalism: The Transformation of the Democratic Party in the Age of Inequality (under contract with the University of Pennsylvania Press), addresses the paradox of Democratic Party ideology in our current age of inequality, where progressive efforts at greater civic inclusion have become divorced from a redistributional policy agenda.

He has published in a variety of professional and public venues, including Polity, New Political Science, the Socialist Register, New Labor Forum, the Washington Post, and Jacobin Magazine.

He regularly teaches courses on American Politics, US Elections, Parties and Movements, and American Political Development.

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