Samba Gadjigo

Professor of French
French-speaking Africa; African cinema

Samba Gadjigo's research focuses on French-speaking Africa, particularly the work of filmmaker Ousmane Sembene. In 2001, Gadjigo was instrumental in bringing the Senegalese filmmaker to MHC for screenings and discussions of his work.

Last year, Gadjigo organized a January Term trip to Senegal. "The idea originated from The Plan for Mount Holyoke 2010, which emphasizes internationalism and international studies," said Gadjigo. "We have junior year programs in Senegal, Montpellier, and Sweet Briar, but not all students can afford these. I thought a two-week, intensive program would allow a larger number to gain an international perspective, at a lesser cost."

Gadjigo's writing has appeared in First of the Month, Research in African Literatures, and Contributions in Black Studies. In a recent article in African Journal on "Trends in African Cinema," Gadjigo argues that the future of African cinema is still unclear. "There are very talented individual filmmakers, and some of the works are very sound artistic contributions to world cinema, and yet our screens are still colonialized and one ought to wonder what the future of African cinema will be in the context of a 'globalized' world."

In addition to his course offerings in the French department, Gadjigo is a member of the African American and African Studies program faculty.

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