Inclusion at Mount Holyoke

Mount Holyoke College strives to build and maintain a campus environment that is inclusive, pluralistic and free of discrimination. Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts extend beyond specific departments and are embedded in all areas of the College. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Practice

Diversity, equity and inclusion focuses on understanding individuals’ multiple identities through the lens of social justice education, ally development and identity development. Recognizing that no member of the Mount Holyoke community brings just one aspect of their identity to the classroom, cocurricular activities or personal relationships, the College acknowledges — and values — the intersections of race/ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, ability, age, national origin and religious/spiritual identities. In addition, the College seeks to generate greater connection and communication rather than polarization around these facets of identity.

Mount Holyoke envisions a campus community that actively works toward transformation through social justice education, identity development and ally development. Toward that end, the College:

  • Develops programs and services to advance intergroup dialogue and subsequent action planning.
  • Provides opportunities to connect social justice education to leadership development.
  • Assists all students, including first-generation students, to excel and achieve in their academic endeavors.
  • Supports students of all identities to be empowered to cultivate their ally identities.
  • Offers support for self-reflection and awareness for students of all identities.
  • Provides cocurricular diversity education.
  • Creates spaces of safety, learning, respect, celebration and change within the campus community. 

These gathering spaces include but are not limited to the residence halls, cultural centers, student programming spaces, classrooms and study spaces. Examples of these programs and services are:

  • BOOM! (Building On Our Momentum) Learning Conference
  • Blessing and Sending
  • Cultural centers and community spaces
  • Cultural, heritage, awareness events
  • Cultural and identity-based student organizations
  • First-generation cording ceremony
  • Hortense Parker Celebration
  • Interfaith luncheons
  • Intergroup dialogue
  • International Student Organizing Committee
  • Lavender Ceremony
  • Lavender Committee
  • MoZone Peer Education Program
  • SGA Students of Color Committee
  • Stoling Ceremony 
  • Women of Color Trailblazers Leadership Conference

Visit the Diversity and Inclusion website for more information on diversity, equity and inclusion at Mount Holyoke.

Cultural Centers and Community Spaces

Mount Holyoke College’s diverse community is a hallmark of its identity. Mount Holyoke believes that education thrives when the views, cultures and values of the entire community are brought together. Cultural centers and community spaces offer students a place for learning, exploration and support. The centers are open to all members of the Mount Holyoke community. Although many cultural centers and community spaces are based on specific ethnic, cultural and religious organizations on campus, they also offer space for people to meet, socialize and get support.

Graphic of Mount Holyoke College Centers logo

Cultural Centers: Safe Spaces for Belonging

Centers host programming to increase inter-connectedness for students & allies who identify as African, Asian, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, Native American and more.

Eliot House

Eliot House is a hub of activity of our religiously pluralistic student body and serves as office space for the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.

Religious and Spiritual Life

Located in Eliot House, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life provides a wide range of weekly programs and community celebrations to nurture religious and spiritual life on campus. It is a place where people celebrate, discover and/or deepen their spiritual side. It is open to all, whether they practice a particular faith or are searching for meaning in life beyond religion.

Religious Accommodation

Although we are a secular institution, the College values students who sincerely claim their religious and spiritual identities and seek to observe and practice their religious and spiritual traditions during your time with us.

It is our goal to not only comply with the religious accommodation statute, Title XXI Chapter151C Section2B of the General Laws of Massachusetts. We provide a multifaith calendar to note key religious observances as well as guidelines for students to request religious accommodation.

Access and Inclusion 

Mount Holyoke College strives to provide access to education, employment, services, programs and activities to all persons, regardless of ability. As such, members of the College community work together in the effort to create solutions to any barriers that may exist for an individual with a disability. Learn more about Access and Inclusion at Mount Holyoke.

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