Diversity and Inclusion

Mount Holyoke College strives to build and maintain a campus environment that is inclusive, pluralistic, and free of discrimination. The College believes that diversity and inclusion efforts should extend beyond specific offices or departments and be embedded in all areas of the College.

The Presidential Commission on Diversity—overseen by Dean of the College Cerri Banks and Dean of the Faculty Sonya Stephens—works with students, staff, and faculty across departments to implement programs and policies that promote social justice and the appreciation of both social and personal identities.

The Office of the Dean of Students provides a range of programs in the area of diversity and social justice. All are designed to enhance intergroup awareness and offer compelling approaches to exploring the complex interplay of social identities (for example, age, gender, national origin, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, race/ethnicity, and/or ability status).

Mount Holyoke also commits to providing academic and personal support to a diverse group of students in order to foster academic and personal success. To accomplish these goals and develop the most effective pedagogy and curriculum in the field of diversity education, MHC looks to national models, research, and assessment measures.