Health Insurance Requirement and Billing Information

Insurance is required for undergraduate students. Massachusetts state law requires that all students have medical insurance. To meet its legal obligations, the College enrolls and bills all eligible undergraduate students for the Mount Holyoke College Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan every year.

Do I need to buy the student health insurance?

Yes, if any of these apply:

  1. Your plan does not meet the student health insurance requirements within the Mount Holyoke College area. Your plan does not meet the definition of comparable coverage. Examine your current coverage carefully, regarding access and out-of-pocket expenses for nonemergency visits for laboratory testing, diagnostic testing, consultation with a specialist and use of mental health services.
  2. You are an international student.
  3. Your insurance plan is provided through a state funded program outside of Massachusetts.

Who can waive the student health insurance?

U.S. students

U.S. students may waive the insurance if your family insurance meets the Massachusetts state requirements and if the insurance is waived online by the waiver deadline. Note: State and federal health insurance plans (such as Medicaid) do not meet the requirements and cannot be used to waive the student health insurance plan.

If you are receiving need-based financial aid and do not waive the health insurance, you will be responsible for the health insurance premium in addition to the calculated family contribution.

If you waive the College’s health insurance with a health insurance plan that is later found to inadequately cover medical costs, you will not be eligible to waive the health insurance in future years.

International students

International students are required to purchase the student medical insurance offered by Mount Holyoke College and may not waive the college health insurance. This is because the short term, temporary medical insurance plans offered to international visitors are not “comparable plans” to the student medical insurance required per Massachusetts state regulations.

The only exception to this policy would be if your family lives in the United States long-term where:

  1. A parent is employed by a U.S. employer or an embassy and has employer-sponsored health insurance that is comparable to the student medical insurance offered at Mount Holyoke, and
  2. The health insurance will cover the student for all routine care while you are at college.

If your family lives and works in the United States, you need to inform Student Financial Services about your comparable health insurance policy before you will be cleared to waive the Student Injury and Sickness Plan.

Have you been covered under Mass Health?

If so, you should not waive the student health insurance, especially in the year you turn 20 years old. Mass Health will not cover students who are eligible for campus health insurance and may drop coverage in the middle of the academic year when you turn 20 or are audited for college enrollment.

Can I add the insurance if I waive it now but need it later?

Yes. If you experience a qualifying event when the student health insurance must be purchased during the academic year, you can add the insurance. The charge will be prorated based on the length of time coverage is provided. You will need to petition to add the health insurance online at Gallagher Student.