All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the Student Blue Plan and will remain enrolled unless a waiver request is completed and approved. State law requires that this waiver be filed annually with the College. Waiving the Mount Holyoke College Student Blue Plan also waives pre-payment for services at the Mount Holyoke College Health Center, which may be purchased separately.

  • For students enrolled for the full academic year or for fall semester only (including study abroad programs), the Online Waiver begins June 15 and ends August 31.

  • For students enrolled for spring semester only, the Online Waiver process begins December 6 and ends January 14.

Note: A balance due based on the health insurance charge may be subject to late fees if the waiver is completed during the waiver time frame but after the tuition payment is due.

Important Considerations

Submitting the Online Waiver is the only accepted method to waive coverage for the policy year.

  • In order for a waiver request to be approved, students must be enrolled in a plan that meets the definition of comparable coverage.
  • For coverage to be considered comparable it must be U.S. based and provide reasonably comprehensive coverage of health services, including preventive and primary care, emergency services, surgical services hospitalization benefit, ambulatory patient services, and mental health services; and be reasonably accessible to the student in the South Hadley area.
  • Students currently covered under non Massachusetts state medicaid plans may not waive the College’s health insurance.
  • If you are a Massachusetts resident you can waive your Student Health Insurance Plan with a plan purchased through the MA Health Connector.  
  • If you are a Massachusetts Medicaid recipient you can waive the Student Health Insurance Plan with most Medicaid plans. However, MassHealth Limited, the Children's Medical Security Program, ant the Health Safety Net may not be used to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • Carefully consider the out-of-pocket expense your current policy would require if your child needs health care in the Mount Holyoke area before waiving coverage. Also consider the availability of services if you are in a managed care program. Prescription drugs, outpatient diagnostic treatment and consultation, mental health counseling and laboratory testing are frequently used benefits.

Waiver Process

  • Visit Gallagher Student Health
  • Under “Profile”, enter your email address and click log in.
  • First time users: An email from Gallagher Student Health will be sent to your student email with a temporary password. Click on the link provided in the email and insert the temporary password. (If you did not receive a temporary password, you can choose the ‘Forgot your password?’ option on the login page.)
  • Once the waiver is completed, a confirmation email will be sent acknowledging the request for waiver, a second email will be sent when the waiver request is approved or denied.
  • Both the confirmation email and the approval/denial email will be sent to the student’s Mount Holyoke email address.
  • If you are a parent filing the waiver, and your child is unable to provide you with the email information, please contact Student Financial Services to inquire about approval status.
  • If your waiver is denied, the denial email will include the reasons for denial and any appropriate measures that can be taken if you wish to re-file the waiver.
  • If your waiver request is approved the appropriate charge for the coverage will be removed from your student account.
  • If you waive the Mount Holyoke College Student Blue Plan, you may not re-enroll unless your insurance has been terminated. In order to request enrollment, a Petition to Add Form must be completed and submitted to Gallagher Student Health & Risk. If your Petition is approved, the prorated premium will be charged to your student account.

 Spring Entrants

  • If you are starting in the spring semester, you will automatically be enrolled in the Mount Holyoke Blue Plan for the spring semester.
  • Coverage dates: January 15–August 14
  • To waive coverage for the spring semester, you must complete the Online Waiver by January 14.

Questions about the waiver process should be directed to Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk.