Amy E. Martin


  • Director of the Weissman Center for Leadership
  • Professor of English on the Emma B. Kennedy Foundation
Amy E. Martin, Director of the Weissman Center for Leadership and Professor of English on the Emma B. Kennedy Foundation

Amy Martin is the author of Alter-nations: Nationalisms, Terror, and the State in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland (Ohio State University Press, 2012). This book investigates how Victorian cultural production on both sides of the Irish Sea grappled with the complex relationship between British imperial nationalism and Irish anticolonial nationalism. She argues that, at this interface of nationalisms in Anglo-Irish relations, certain formations central to modernity emerge, in particular new narratives of national crisis, the modern idea of 'terrorism,' the modern state form, and forms of anticolonial critique that anticipate postcolonial studies. She has published essays in journals such as Victorian Literature and Culture, the Field Day Review, Victorian Review, and several edited collections including Was Ireland a Colony? and The Black and Green Atlantic. Martin is currently working on a book project that examines internationalism and critiques of empire in nineteenth century Ireland. She has published an article on this subject, “Representing the ‘Indian Revolution’ of 1857: Towards a Genealogy of Irish Internationalist Anticolonialism,” in the Field Day Review (2012), and she has recently lectured on this new project at Princeton University’s Fund for Irish Studies. She has also lectured as a faculty member at the Notre Dame Irish Studies Seminar and at the James Joyce Summer School.

Martin teaches Introduction to the Study of Literature; Gender and Class in the Victorian Novel; Modern Irish Literature; the Irish Gothic; and Victorian Literature and Visual Culture. 

Areas of Expertise

Nineteenth-century British literature; Irish literature and Irish studies; Victorian studies; postcolonial theory and theories of nationalism; gender studies


  • Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A., Columbia University
  • B.A., Sarah Lawrence College

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Recent Publications

Martin, A. (2024). “Martial Law Travels”: Gothic Internationalism and Irish Nationalist Newspapers. Victorian Studies, 65(3), 390-399.

Martin, A. “Representing the ‘Indian Revolution’ of 1857: Towards a Genealogy of Irish Anti-colonialist Internationalism” The Field Day Review No. 8, 2012.

Martin, A. “Humanity and Victorian Ireland” Special Forum on Victorian Humanity and Its Others, Victorian Review, 2015.

“Fenian Fever: CircumAtlantic Politics and the Modern State” in The Black and Green Atlantic, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009

"Fenians in the Frame: Photographing Irish Political Prisoners" with Breandan Mac Suibhne The Field Day Review No. 1, 2005

"Blood Transfusions: Representing Irish Immigration, the English Working Class, and Revolutionary Possibility in the Work of Carlyle and Engels" Victorian Literature and Culture, 2004 (Cambridge University Press).

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