Nieves Romero-Díaz


  • Professor of Spanish on the Alumnae Foundation
Nieves Romero-Díaz

Nieves Romero-Díaz's main area of research is class and gender in Early Modern Spain. She has authored and edited/co-edited 5 books, 1 special issue with Caliope, and more than 50 articles, reviews, and book chapters, including Nueva nobleza, nueva novela (Juan de la Cuesta 2002), the bilingual edition of Maria de Guevara’s treatises (Warning to the Kings and Advice of restoring Spain: A Bilingual Edition [Chicago UP, 2007), and the co-edited volume Feliciana Enríquez de Guzmán, Ana Caro Mallén, and Sor Marcela de San Félix. Women Playwrights in Early Modern Spain[Iter/ACMRS 2016) among them. Most recent articles are “The Representation of Authority in Emotional Friendship. The Letters from King Philip IV and Infanta María Teresa of Austria to the Countess of Paredes” (in Fe/male Friends: Staging Gender and Friendship in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Spanish Literature, ed. Claudia Gronemann and Agnieszka Komorowska. Madrid: Iberoamericana, 2023. 101-120); “Tres cartas del príncipe Baltasar Carlos a Sor María de Ágreda” (Translat Library 5 (2023); “‘Lo que más nos importa’: Religión y política en las cartas entre la reina Mariana de Austria y sor María de Ágreda” (Bulletin of Spanish Studies 98.3 (2021): 335-359); “Emociones y autoridad de la reina consorte María Teresa de Austria en la correspondencia con Sor Mariana de la Cruz” (Revista Arenal (Universidad de Granada) 28.1 (2021): 61-79); “Correspondencia entre la Venerable Sor María de Jesús de Ágreda y mujeres de la familia de Felipe IV" (Archivo Ibero-Americano 80. 290 (2020): 33-106); and “La importancia del testamento en la (auto)representación de la mujer noble de la Edad Moderna. María de Guevara, Condesa de Escalante y su proyección histórica” (Revista de Escritoras Ibéricas 8 (2020): 9-39). She is currently co-editing a volume with Emily Colbert Cairns entitled Early Modern Maternities in the Iberian Atlantic (under contract with Amsterdam UP).

Making historical and critical connections between the past and the present, her courses include Witches/Bad Women, Spain and Islam, and Gender Violence in Spain. She has received numerous (inter)national grants and awards and has presented her research at conferences, invited lectures, and symposiums in England, France, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and the US. She was awarded the MHC Faculty Teaching Award in 2011.

Areas of Expertise

Spanish Renaissance and Baroque prose literature; the relation between literature and history; women writers; cultural practices by and about women


  • Ph.D., M.A., University of Oregon
  • B.A., Universidad de Cordoba, Spain

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Romero-Díaz, N. 2023. Grant in the amount of $2,700, to cover expenses for publication and promotion of upcoming book Early Modern Maternities in the Iberian Atlantic (forthcoming).

Recent Publications

Romero-Díaz, N. (2020). Correspondencia entre la Venerable Sor María de Jesús de Ágreda y mujeres de la familia de Felipe IV. Archivo Ibero-Americano 80 (290), 33-106,

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