Asia Journey Began in the Asian Studies Program

"During my study abroad in Tokyo, I listened to Japanese people's views on Japan's society, culture and foreign relations.

Major: International Relations, East Asian Studies minor

Study Abroad: Sophia University, Tokyo

Awards: Carl G. Seasword Award in Japanese

Advanced Degrees: M.A. in Georgetown School of Foreign Service Asian Studies Program

Employer: The Asia Group

I have always been interested in Sino-Japanese relations and Japanese language itself. As a student of the Asian Studies Program, I took the opportunity to immerse myself in Japanese language learning and was exposed to different aspects of Japanese society. As a student language assistant, I had the invaluable chance to work closely with some of the Asian Studies Program professors, who generously share their wisdom about Asia.

During my junior year at Mount Holyoke College, I pursued a study abroad program at Sophia University in Tokyo where I explored one of the most exciting cities in the world and listened to Japanese people's views on Japan's society, culture, and foreign relations. I enjoyed the authentic Japanese cuisine and karate practice with my Japanese friends at the Karate Club. My experience at Sophia University solidified my interest in East Asian affairs.

I was awarded the Carl G. Seasword Award in Japanese by the Asian Studies Program in my senior year, which encouraged me to continue my Japanese learning at graduate school. At the Georgetown University Asian Studies Program, I further researched issues related to East Asia. Now, in my professional career as an analyst with The Asia Group, I continue to keep track of developments in Asia. The support and encouragement I received from the Asian Studies Program will continue to motivate me to understand and explore Asia.