Language In The Context of Social Justice

Allia Jahanbin was a presenter at LEAP Symposium 2021 and shares a bit about her internship experience. Allia's presentation was part of a panel titled “Seeking Social Justice: A Mental Health Perspective.”

I interned at a non government organization in Amman, Jordan called Solidarity is Global Institute (SIGI). SIGI is dedicated to empowering women and girls to achieve equal rights through education, skill development, inclusion, and judicial action. As a project development and fundraising intern, I assisted in researching fundraising opportunities, writing project proposals and project progress reports.

As a language lover, I had the pleasure of translating press releases and invitations for conferences from Arabic to English. I experienced working collaboratively with the team, as well as working independently.

This experience served as an opportunity for me to engage in the workplace and apply my acquired Arabic language skills both conversationally and formally through translation. Through my experience, I gained insight into the power of language in the context of social justice.