Opening Doors to the Legal Field

Kathryn Murphy was a presenter at LEAP Symposium 2021 and shares a bit about her internship experience. Kathryn's presentation was part of a panel titled “Legal Perspectives: Research, Litigation, Advocacy, and Art.”

During my time as a legal intern with Open Door Legal's civil litigation team, I witnessed the importance of legal representation.

Working towards Open Door Legal’s mission of universal access to legal help, I spent the Summer advocating for, communicating with, and learning from clients in trauma-informed services. My days were spent writing legal briefs and declarations, researching, completing legal forms, and driving cases forward. Prior to my internship, the legal field felt distant and cryptic, however, Open Door Legal changed that. I watched my supervising attorney fight to make a difference in their community every single day, working late nights and early mornings, in the office and from their home, constantly striving to find the best outcome for their clients.

Open Door Legal exemplifies what it means to be a leader for their community and I am grateful to have contributed to the team.