Todd D’Alessandro MAT’18

Todd D’Alessandro was drawn to the Master of Arts in Teaching Leadership program because he wanted more formal instruction, and it has already made him more confident as a teacher.

Todd D’Alessandro completed his M.A.T.L. in 2018. He is currently a teacher, coach, and dorm parent. He was initially drawn to the Mount Holyoke M.A.T.L. program because he knew he had natural teacher skills but needed formal pedagogical technique instruction. He also wanted to improve his leadership skills.

When asked what the most valuable aspects of the M.A.T.L. program were for him, Todd said, “The entire experience was so valuable. The instructors, my cohort colleagues, the content of the courses. I feel very very confident as a teacher, and am now making the intrinsic work of my classroom extrinsic to my school community.”

Todd was able to balance the demands of being a teacher and M.A.T.L. student due to a lot of will power and planning. However, he added, as an adult learner he was extremely motivated to not only complete his studies, but absorb them because he knew the skills he learned were immediately applicable to his classroom and school leadership initiatives.

The M.A.T.L. program helped Todd in the following ways: “I am so much more assured, and feel very prepared for classroom challenges. I am establishing myself as a leader in my school community, and can see and feel myself making a difference.”

For his Capstone project, Todd worked with Kelly Babbidge and Emily McDowell to create a course designed to prepare new independent school teachers for the private school "triple threat" work model, it's responsibilities, and the unique challenges it can present. His coach was Leslie LaRocca.

Todd plans to continue to work to be a school leader and deliver quality instruction to his students. Of the project, Todd shares, “We are proud of what we have created. We know it will make a positive difference for new (and veteran) teachers starting out in an independent school!”

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