Jenny Watermill

Senior Associate Director, Experiential Learning & Exploration

Jenny Watermill is the associate director for internships and student employment at the Career Development Center. She supervises advising and programming that aim to improve students’ abilities to set goals, secure and succeed in experiential opportunities, reflect on the learning that takes place in and outside the classroom, and speak clearly and confidently about their achievements. She manages $900,000 in internship and research funds and steward-associated donor relationships.

Watermill has been critical in the implementation of the internship component of Mount Holyoke’s Lynk initiative, which connects students’ academic work with practical applications of the liberal arts and sciences. Before joining Mount Holyoke in 2008, Watermill managed the daily operations of a forensic accounting firm in Greenville, Rhode Island, and advised hundreds of families receiving state aid at TILL, Inc., in Dedham, Massachusetts. Watermill has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.