Romance Languages and Cultures

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Learn one, learn them all! This is the philosophy that draws students to our Romance Languages and Cultures Program. Although we are strictly not a “department,” our faculty members are passionate about teaching and scholarship and eager to collaborate with one another.

We offer numerous courses, from beginning language to advanced literature and culture in French, Italian, Latin and Spanish, but students can also learn Portuguese through the Five College Consortium.

Every year, we also offer a special Romance languages seminar. Current and past seminars include:

  • Don Juan, Valmont, Casanova: Iconic Latin Lovers
  • 20th Century Gay Writing in Latin America 
  • Mothers and Daughters
  • History of Romance Languages
  • Sex and the City: Gender-Power Relations in Early Modern Europe
  • From Bicycle Thieves to Guerrilleros: Italian, French and Latin American New Cinemas
  • The Mind of the Traveler: Journeys, Expeditions, Tours, and Sweet Cruelty: Anti-Humanism and Gay Writing.

Thinking ahead? A major or minor in Romance languages and Cultures can lead to a variety of national and international careers including government, the culinary arts, academics, nongovernmental organizations, banking, fashion, and film. By stressing the interrelated nature of languages, literatures, and cultures, we seek to combine linguistic proficiency with cultural and literary expertise. Our students develop communicative skills and the critical tools to explore many fields, from aesthetics and cultural studies to the history of ideas and gender studies.