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The Independent Schools Program is a masters degree program created by independent schools faculty for independent schools faculty at our partner schools.

The Independent Schools Fellowship (ISF) is for aspiring and early career educators who would like to build their experience while getting their graduate degree. It is an opportunity for you to get into the world of teaching, with the support of mentors and the coursework to help you: learn how to develop curricula, effectively engage students and manage your classroom, and be a good coach and advisor, and be a leader in your school.


Program Overview


Designed for full-time educators working in independent schools, you will build the skills to enhance your teaching and prepare for leadership roles. Students collaborate with a faculty liaison from their home campus as well as with our outstanding independent schools faculty and colleagues in our independent schools program to expand your professional network.

This customizable program includes courses on pedagogy, leadership, and working in an independent school context to help you build a rich toolbox to draw from for your personal and professional success.

If you are accepted into the Fellowship program, you will receive a $5,000 Emerging Leader Scholarship. You will have access to our special webinars and Independent Schools Professional Learning Community (PLC). Additionally, you will work with mentors throughout your time in the program.


The Independent Schools Fellowship requires employment in one of our partner schools and the completion of 32 - 34 credits minimum, depending on track, over two years.

The M.A.T. in Teacher Leadership program supports educators who want to help build their school’s capacity for success, support professional growth among their peers, or serve in a leadership role at the local, state, or national level.

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Schedule & Curriculum

Our program is designed so you can balance the responsibilities of being a full time fellow building your experience at an independent school and earning your masters degree. Most students take 1-2 classes a semester over the course of 2 years. The program that starts in July to prepare you for starting your teaching in the fall. Summer courses are offered using our dynamic hybrid online course model, which allows students to participate live either on-campus or online. In the fall and spring, students attend live online, interactive evening courses.

You will develop not just your teaching skills, but your ability to engage and support students outside the classroom as well as an advisor, coach, and dorm parent. The program starts with mentors helping prepare you for the classroom, and culminates in a capstone project you develop with the support of experts in the field.

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Apply - See short description below.

Step 1. Identify and apply to one of the Fellowship Positions that is a good match for you. Consider the partner school’s mission, approach, setting, and openings.

Step 2. Secure an offer from a school that is willing to sponsor you as a fellow.

Step 3. Apply to Mount Holyoke College. The Independent Schools Fellowship program is a program of the MAT, Teacher Leadership program.

Step 4. Once you are admitted to the program, begin preparing to start your coursework in the summer, and your new position at the partner school in the fall.

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A new Mount Holyoke program aimed at addressing the growing crisis of teacher burnout in our nation’s public schools will kick off on Saturday, October 29.

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