Mount Holyoke Scholarship in honor of Native and Indigenous Communities

Mount Holyoke has created a scholarship program to honor Native American, Indigenous and American Indian communities. Each year the College will award two full tuition scholarships. The scholarship is open to all incoming students who identify as American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, First Nations, Inuit and/or Métis. Preference will be given to students who identify as members of local tribes throughout the New England region. We will also consider non-Native students who have demonstrated a commitment to Native American and Indigenous communities and their sovereignty through activism and research.

Who qualifies for this scholarship?

 Preference will be given to students who demonstrate financial need through their financial aid application. The scholarship is awarded at the time of admission to the College.

What documentation is required?

We accept multiple forms of tribal documentation, including:

  • A photocopy of tribal ID.
  • A photocopy of Indian status card.
  • A letter of tribal certification.
  • An enrollment card from one of the Inuit Land Claims Agreements.
  • Proof of citizenship in one of the provincial affiliates of the Métis National Council.

For descendant-based eligibility, you can provide documentation establishing your relationship with a parent/legal guardian from a native community. For example: a birth certificate, documentation of legal guardianship, etc.

Are there other ways to document my tribal status?

We are happy to connect with students and families on an individual basis to discuss an applicant’s tribal status and additional methods for documenting a student’s heritages. Please contact the dean of admission via e-mail at or by phone at 413-538-2023 to begin the process.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers full tuition at Mount Holyoke College for each semester of attendance. If the student recipient demonstrates financial need based on a review of their financial aid application, then additional need-based funding may be awarded by Mount Holyoke in order to assist with other costs of attendance such as room, board and fees.

What if I am receiving a partial scholarship from a source other than Mount Holyoke?

Outside scholarships or employee benefits earmarked for tuition may not exceed tuition charges when combined with Mount Holyoke tuition-based scholarships and grants, including this scholarship.

If the outside funding can be applied toward room and board or other direct costs, the Mount Holyoke tuition-based scholarship or grant will not be reduced. However, the total aid from Mount Holyoke College and outside sources may not exceed the total cost of attendance. If the outside aid and Mount Holyoke aid combined exceeds the cost of attendance, then Mount Holyoke funding will be reduced.

If you receive a Mount Holyoke need-based grant in addition to this scholarship, the outside funding will first be applied to reducing the student loan(s) and/or student employment. Any funds that exceed the total of loans and student employment will reduce the Mount Holyoke need-based grant.

Learn more about our scholarship policies

What are the academic requirements to secure and maintain this scholarship?

The scholarship will be renewed automatically, provided the student recipient maintains satisfactory academic progress, which is reviewed by the Academic Advisory Board each semester. Additional information on scholarship eligibility in relation to satisfactory academic progress can be found online.