Native/Indigenous Students

Mount Holyoke College is committed to continuously growing our systems and initiatives to support Native and Indigenous community members. The Zowie Banteah Cultural Center is a cultural space for students who identify as Native American or have Native American ancestry. During the academic year, students host various programs, both academic and social, in the center. The College also supports Native and Indigenous community members across campus with specific resources and staff available in the Office of Community and Belonging and in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

A group of students and guests celebrating during the opening of the relocated Zowie Banteah Cultural Center

Mount Holyoke Scholarship in honor of Native and Indigenous Communities

Why is Mount Holyoke offering this scholarship?

Mount Holyoke College has participated in harmful practices towards Native American and Indigenous communities. As we continue to grow in our awareness of these harms, we seek to redress these wrongs against Native communities. These scholarships reflect our commitment to work toward repair across generations. We believe part of that work begins with providing substantive financial support for Native American and Indigenous students as well as to those who have a demonstrated record of activism and/or research in/for Native and Indigenous communities. We have made these distinctions to ensure that we are providing support both for Native and Indigenous communities and for those who wish to dedicate their time to the ongoing development, research and scholarship that supports Native and Indigenous communities.

Other scholarships and fellowships for Native and Indigenous students

Fellowships at Mount Holyoke (FMH) offers developmental and progressive advising to students of promise who are intent on furthering their educational and aspirational goals by competing nationally and internationally for prestigious merit-based awards. Some awards require students to seek endorsement from the College, and others are open for students to apply directly to the foundation. FMH supports both kinds of students.

In particular, FMH recruits and supports sophomores and juniors applying for the Udall Undergraduate Scholarship, a $7,000 prestige grant that also offers leadership development training, public service opportunities, and networking programs sponsored by the Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation. Up to four MHC Native American or Alaskan Native sophomores and juniors working on issues that affect tribal policy or public health, as well as environmental issues, can apply through MHC per academic year.

Beyond the Udall, FMH works through the National Association of Fellowships Advisors to identify private, merit scholarships available to Native American students through a host of funding databases. Advising meetings hinge on broad-ranging and focused conversations that emphasize student self-reflection and self-expression.

Scholarship support

If you’d like to make a contribution to this scholarship, visit our online giving page and select “Scholarship Aid” (General) in the dropdown menu. When asked what you’d like your gift to support, type “Indigenous Communities Scholarship” in the comments section at the bottom of the form.

On campus resources

In addition to these Mount Holyoke College resources are student organizations La Unidad and MeChA.

Students of Color Committee

The Student Government Association Students of Color Committee promotes equitable representation for students of color at MHC, encourages involvement of students of color in leadership roles and highlights the voices of students of color.

The doors to the Zowie Banteah Cultural Center, adorned with a blue ribbon to mark the grand opening of the new location

The Zowie Banteah Cultural Center promotes visibility and empowerment for Native American students and communities of Indigenous people.

The lounge space in the Betty Shabazz Cultural Center

The Betty Shabazz Cultural Center assists and supports students who identify within the African diaspora (including, but not limited to, African, African American and Caribbean).

Eliana Ortega Cultural Center

The Eliana Ortega Cultural Center serves as a home away from home for students within the Latinx diaspora.

The Asian Center for Empowerment

The Asian Center for Empowerment provides support, education, community and a meeting spot for students within the Asian diaspora (including, but not limited to, Asian, Asian American and South Asian).

A working table in the living room of the Jeannette Marks Cultural Center

The Jeannette Marks Cultural Center provides support, resources and programming for LGBTQIA+ students and their allies.

Happening at Mount Holyoke

Recent campus news

Mount Holyoke’s Zowie Banteah Cultural Center has reopened in a new, accessible space so all can come and celebrate the culture and heritage of the Indigenous community.

The Zowie Banteah Cultural Center is moving, but its mission to promote Indigenous visibility remains the same.

Mount Holyoke College has repatriated ancestral remains the College had possessed for over a century to their home communities.