Reporting, Records and Crime Victim Services

See something? Say something.

Public Safety and Service receives numerous complaints about suspicious activity on campus. Sometimes, callers are unable to identify what is suspicious about a person, and often the person about whom a concern is filed is here for legitimate purposes like visiting a friend or attending an event at night. However, there are specific actions someone might be making that could be an indicator that the person needs assistance, they are about to commit a crime or they are harassing students.

If you see something suspicious, please call Public Safety right away at 413-538-2304, or use one of the emergency phone/call boxes.

What is suspicious behavior?

Actions to watch out for include:

  • Strangers entering your neighbor's room when it is unoccupied
  • Anyone randomly trying doors to see if they are locked
  • Individual entering or leaving an academic office area after hours
  • Audible screams, anywhere and anytime
  • The sound of breaking glass or other loud, explosive noises; an accident, burglary, or vandalism may have occurred.
  • Persons around bicycle racks carrying a bolt cutter, pipes, or other tools
  • A person running, especially one carrying something of value leaving the scene of a crime

While most of the situations described above could have innocent explanations, Public Safety and Service would rather investigate these situations sooner rather than be called when it is too late.

What happens when crimes are reported on campus?

The College has two requirements when crimes are reported to have occurred on campus:

  • Crimes reported to Public Safety and Service directly must be included on the daily crime log. Very generic information about the crime is reported: date, time, location, nature of the crime, and the incident status. If the crime involves a sex offense, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, the location of the incident is made more general in order to protect the confidentiality of a victim or survivor.
  • When crimes or emergencies are reported to Public Safety and Service directly or through Campus Security Authorities which pose a danger to the community, Public Safety and Service must issue an emergency notification (texts, emails, calls) or a timely warning (email, postings) depending on the urgency of the situation.  These notices are carefully crafted to avoid identifying a victim or survivor while still providing sufficient information so that community members can remain safe.

Campus security & fire safety reports

These reports are prepared in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Campus Safety and Security Act. This report is prepared in cooperation with the local law enforcement agencies surrounding our main campus and non-campus property sites, and administrative offices on campus. Learn more about the Clery Act and the College's compliance.

Check the Department of Education campus safety website to look up and compare crime data from any college or university in the country.

If you have any questions about anything contained in these reports, or would like a printed copy, please contact the Public Safety and Service Department.