LEAP Symposium

The new program will be uploaded in mid-October!

LEAP symposium is Mount Holyoke's premier showcase of student summer work, organized by and for Mount Holyoke students.

From labs and law offices, embassies and businesses, archives, television studios, farms and rural communities around the world, students return from their summer experiences and reflect critically about what they have learned. At LEAP, this is translated into panel presentations for a student audience who see a model of what they can aspire to accomplish themselves.

LEAP 2015 will be on Friday October 23 from 12:00pm-6:00pm in the Kendade Atrium.

Students planning to present at LEAP 2015 are required to enroll in COLL 211 Reflecting Back: Connecting Internship and Research to your Liberal Arts Education.

Watch some of last year's LEAP program below.