LEAP Symposium

A student presenting during LEAP
A student presenting at the LEAP Symposium

What is LEAP?

LEAP Symposium is Mount Holyoke's premier showcase of student summer work, organized by and for Mount Holyoke students. View the LEAP 2020 schedule.

An annual campus-wide event, LEAP (which stands for Learning through Application) brings together faculty, students, staff, family, friends, and alums to hear students present their summer research and internship experiences from around the corner and around the world. A central element of the College's curriculum to career experience, the LEAP Symposium is a powerful vehicle that demonstrates the strong connections between academic work at Mount Holyoke College and its practical application in the world.

From labs and law offices, embassies and businesses, archives, television studios, farms and rural communities, students return from their summer experiences and reflect critically about what they have learned. At LEAP, this is translated into panel presentations for a student audience who see a model of what they can aspire to accomplish themselves. It fosters the exchange of ideas on cutting-edge projects and demonstrates the variety of ways that students are embedding their summer experiences into their curricular and career pathways.

LEAP 2020 will be an all virtual event

As part of their preparation, students were asked to reflect on 2020. Those reflections are shared in this video and in the transcript below.

Transcript of LEAP 2020 preview video

LEAP 2020 Student Symposium

Enriching Student Experience During Remote Learning

Student reflections on 2020:

“Accumulating knowledge is necessary regardless of changes in the world.”

“I have learned to take each day as it comes”

“Life is a changing sequence of situations – if  you do not change, it will change you.”

“There is no better place to learn the art of loving than in community.”

“Humbled by this year and grateful for the experience I was able to have.”

“I’ve become much more flexible and open minded to new possibilities and new avenues in my life and career. Ones I hadn’t previously thought to explore.”

“I have become resilient.”

“unexpected challenges, unexpected opportunities”

“Hope, adapt, work…”


“Confused but determined…”

“Step out of the comfort zone”

“I feel as if I’m living upon the face of a question mark, ruled by uncertainties and unable to devise academic/career plans in a stable manner.”

“Collaborative support and people doing their best.”

“I have greater faith in community and humanity.”

“I am more determined about what I want to do and who I want to be.”

“I will be able to succeed no matter what I do.”


“going with the flow”

“Professional self-discovery.”

“Uprooted and then settled”

“While this has been a challenging year, I also feel motivated to initiate changes in both the communities around me and the world outside.”

“Adjust certain expectations to accommodate the challenges brought on by this year that have long-term impacts on what will be available to me in the future”

Be willing…

“Be willing to change because life won’t stay the same.”


“Moving forward steadily…”


“Relationships with others and my faith is incredibly valuable within the chaotic turmoil of COVID and our political climate.”

“Whatever will be, will be…”


“In the beginning of this year, it was like a storm at sea where the water is rough, and there are big grey clouds hovering over the ocean. But now, it’s like a sun coming out of the sea and calming all the waves down. The ocean is calmer and all you see is peace.”


“I survived”

“Even when ambition seems futile and the world is confusing and terrifying, there are ways to channel my creativity, make new connections, and enjoy everything the professional world and life has to offer.”

“Change can still happen in spite of obstacles.”

“I have learned so much about what is TRULY important to me, and what is just noise.”


“I discovered new opportunities and possibilities for me as an immigrant and a black women.”

“Determination & perseverance”

“As every individual is being affected in this special time, to learn about our personality and potency and to develop a clearer goal becomes the priority more than ever.”


Thank you to our Internship and Research Sponsors

In summer 2020, Mount Holyoke College provided 265 students with funding to pursue internships and research.  Thank you to the many supporters who ensure that Mount Holyoke sustains vibrant intellectual opportunities for students in every discipline and professional field year over year.

Mildred Altman Summer Internship Fund
Louise Appleton Career Development Fund
The Katherine Adler Astrove ’54 Fund for Summer Internships
Susan Bateson ’76 Internship Fund
Susan D. Bateson ’76 Learning Abroad Fund
The Barbara M. Baumann ’77 Internship Fund
The Jennie E. Berkson ’76 Endowed Internship Fund
The Laura Bernstein Internship Fund
Jane Allen Birge, 1928, Internship Fund
The Boppy Fund
Grace L. Brodsky 1958 Internship Fund
Nancy V. Brownell Internship Fund
Barbara Moakler Byrne Internship Fund
Miriam C. Camps Endowed Internship Fund
Career Development Center General Internship Fund
Class of 1949 Memorial Internship Fund
Class of 1964 Green Purse Legacy Circle Fund
The Condon Endowed Internship Fund
Frances (Class of 1944) and Robert Connick Internship Fund
Barbara Taussig Cowen 1950 Internship Fund
Joanne V. Creighton International Internship Fund
Mary Graham Davis ’65 Internship Fund
Feldman/Koster Fund for Biomedical Research
The Catherine and Thomas Foster Fund for Environmental Stewardship
Fund the Future
Mary Jean Hale Internship Fund
The Ruby G. Jackson ’37 Research Fund
The Louise and Philip Landry Internship Fund
Elizabeth and William Lauder Journalism Fund
Ruth C. Lawson International Internship Scholarship Fund
Lazarus Family Internship Fund
Clare Boothe Luce Program of the Henry Luce Foundation
Lynk Internship Funds
Lyon's Pride Expendable Internship Fund
Paul F. McGuire Estate Endowment Fund
Andrew W. Mellon Fund for Nexus Internships
MHC Lynk International Internship Fund
McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives International Internship Fund
Miller Worley Center Internship Fund
The Moffat Internship Fund
National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation
Deborah Morgan Olsen ’65 Endowed Fund for International Service Internships
The Janet Eddy Ordway 1947 Internship Fund
Sarah Rabinow Pesikoff ’90 Internship Fund
Ellen P. Reese Fund
T.W. Reese Fund
Marilyn Dawson Sarles, MD Fund for the Sciences
Victoria Schuck Endowment Fund
Special General Fund 1933
Mary E. Stanley ’70 Public Service Internship Fund
The Alice Bliss Studebaker ’59 Internship Fund
The Summer Student Research Endowment Fund
Tokyo Woman's Christian University
The Jane Kaltenbach-Townsend Fellowship Fund
The Truman Family Internship Fund
The William V. Wallin Endowed Fund
Marcy Wilkov Waterman ’71 Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth Weatherman ’82 Fund for Internships in Africa
The Ruth Whittemore, M.D. Endowed Fund
Wetlands Internship Fund
Edward Allen Wilson Endowed Internship Fund
Margaret Mary Andrews Winters ’35 Endowed Fund
The Margaret L. Wolff ’76 Endowment for Global Internships
The Jane Bachman Wulf ’76 Memorial Internship Fund
Jane A. Zimmy 1974 Internship Fund

Welcome to LEAP 2020

Transcript of Welcome to LEAP 2020 video

There are no spoken words in the Welcome to LEAP video.  There is music playing throughout.

The following text appears, along with images of students recorded during Zoom sessions:

Enriching Student Experience during Remote Learning
LEAP Student Symposium

Welcome to LEAP 2020

Welcome from around the world

Market Research Analyst
Market trends in healthcare, specifically telehealth/telemedicine from the impact of Covid-19
Reasearch and gather data on Covid-19 treatment plans
Research competitors’ and anyalyze pricing, sales, and marketing methods

LEAP 2020 Panel 5
37 Panels
in 3 sessions
9-9:50 AM
10-10:50 AM
5-5:50 PM

Thumbs up for LEAP!

LEAP 2020 Mount Holyoke

“Life is a changing sequence of situations – if you do not change, it will change you.”

Virtual LEAP

Unexpected challenges, unexpected opportunities

Welcome to LEAP 2020

Click on the session you are interested in attending for full details. Login or sign up for a Sched account to make your own schedule. Join a panel session by clicking the "Join the Zoom" link at the end of the panel description.

View the LEAP Symposium 2020 schedule & directory.

Interested in presenting at LEAP?

Students planning to present at LEAP are required to enroll in COLL 211 Reflecting Back: Connecting Internship and Research to your Liberal Arts Education.

In the summer, MHC provides students with funds to pursue internships and research. We recognize the individuals who provide generous support, through which MHC is able to sustain vibrant, intellectual opportunities for students in every discipline and professional field.


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