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Derek Young

New faculty: Derek Young

New faculty Derek Young knows that the “aha” moments students often have in math classes are one of the best rewards in teaching. When the opportunity to work at Mount Holyoke arose, Young knew it would be a great fit because of the focus on teaching.

Joanna Wuest, Assistant Professor of Politics

New faculty: Joanna Wuest

New faculty Joanna Wuest loves showing students how to do the granular research academia requires. But she also loves taking that academic research and connecting it to broader discussions at Mount Holyoke.

Laura Sizer, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

New faculty: Laura Sizer

For new faculty Laura Sizer, philosophical questions are everywhere — on the radio, at the tattoo parlor and on campus. At Mount Holyoke, she’s looking forward to being surrounded by a community of students and professors who feel the exact same way.