Image of Kate Armstrong ’19

SEA Semester: students set sail to Ireland

Mount Holyoke students Molly Lapointe ’17 and Kate Armstrong ’19 are learning research, leadership, and sailing skills on their transatlantic journey.
Beyond X's and O's graphic

Report shows gender bias in college coaching

Field hockey coach Andy Whitcomb was one of 12 experts asked to weigh in on a new report that found gender discrimination in college coaching.
MAT teacher leader program class at Mount Holyoke College

Nation’s best teachers become MHC instructors

Six of the country’s leading educators have become instructors in Mount Holyoke College’s master of arts in teaching program.
Delores Ojunga-Andrew, Mount Holyoke College

Retired nurse, 72, pursues Mount Holyoke BA

After a successful career as a registered nurse, Delores Ojunga-Andrew, 72, is getting her bachelor’s degree—and fulfilling her dream of 50 years.
Image of construction of community center

Breaking ground. Building community.

A live webcast of Mount Holyoke’s new Community Center shares a bird’s-eye of view as this exciting new project ramps up.
Image of students networking

Today is the last day!

Our students value your support. Please make your annual gift to Mount Holyoke by 11:59 pm EST tonight.