Photo of Sajia Darwish ’18

An empowering model for change

Over the summer, Sajia Darwish ’18 built a library for children and youth in Kabul, expanding their access to books and inspiring a culture of reading.
This is an image of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump juxtaposed in red and blue with the words: On the issues: Foreign Policy

On the Issues: Foreign Policy

Dean of faculty and Professor of international relations Jon Western discusses foreign policy issues that the next president of the US will face.
Image of student dressed professionally

Show confidence to inspire confidence

Professionalism is not a simple concept to pin down. But Grace Grieve-Carlson ’19 has penned a blog that does just that.
Adeline Mueller

Race, “Hamilton,” and the American musical

From "Shuffle Along" to "Hamilton," race has been a part of in the development of the American musical from the beginning, says professor Adeline Mueller.
Image of Nabeeha Noor

Firstie Focus on: Nabeeha Noor

Mount Holyoke was my dream school for years, and being able to read that acceptance letter made so much of what I did worth it.
Photo of Maria Mossaides

We need women leaders

Maria Mossaides '73 credits the College with preparing her to succeed. Now she's helping to ensure access for a new generation of MHC students.