Image of students in the field.

“The geoscience community provides the knowledge, experience, and ingenuity to meet society’s demands for natural resources, environmental quality, and resilience from hazards.” –American Geological Institute, 2009

Only one planet is known to sustain life. Understanding the Earth’s complex systems is essential not only to our continued way of life, but to our very survival. The geology major provides students with an understanding of Earth processes, properties, and history, to the evolution of life, and to the interactions between human beings and various environments. In illuminating the dynamic processes that shape our planet, geology includes study of a wide range of areas, including energy and climate change; water availability and population growth; waste treatment and disposal; sustainable land use; and the interaction of the ocean and the atmosphere.

Our excellent facilities, small classes, and accomplished faculty provide students with a solid foundation in the discipline and prepare them well for graduate school or careers in geology. Notably, geology graduates choose among outstanding employment opportunities, including petroleum exploration, environmental consulting, government planning, hydrogeology, planetary science, and coastal and marine geology. Our students compete successfully for the best graduate programs, summer internships, and jobs.

Geology is a rewarding field of study, enabling a lifetime of adventure, purposeful engagement, and profound appreciation of this amazing planet.