BOOM: Building on our Momentum

BOOM is an annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) learning symposium featuring a series of events. The event incorporates the voices and experiences of students, faculty, staff and alumnae. Sessions are designed by members of the community for the entire community and will meet participants where they are in their learning and comfort in engaging in sessions on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Highlights from the inaugural BOOM conference


About BOOM 2019

Mount Holyoke College seeks to educate our campus community annually through this day-long experience with intentionality and purpose. We are focused on fostering trust, building capacity and furthering the advancement of knowledge around cultural differences for the purpose of reducing incidents of bias and creating an inclusive campus. We have designed this particular day with a focus on addressing the hierarchies that exist within the human condition both historic and present day. We especially seek fresh ideas and new forms of practice centered on creating radical solutions to divisive issues. As such, we invite action-based dialogues that will support the learning and engagement of diverse community members to interrupt bias, challenge the status quo and intentionally restore relationships between individuals and groups of people.

We seek to do this by inviting community members to lead dialogues and workshops focused in the following ways:

  • Cultivating Anti-Racist Pedagogies and Praxes
  • Challenging Gender Based Oppression
  • Examing histories, legacies and stories of inclusion
  • Strategizing for Grassroots Activism and Mobilization
  • Creating Supportive Strategies for Countering Bias

Direct outcomes of BOOM

Cycle of Transformation

  1. Building trust and cohesion among diverse groups of people
  2. Dialoguing and engaging across differences
  3. Cultivating restoration and community building
  4. Direct learning, knowledge production
  5. Decrease incidents of bias and increase capacity and knowledge
  6. Institutional transformation in policies and practices

Types of Sessions

  • Art Activism, Healing Spaces, Etc. – Utilizing Music,
  • Direct Delivery Inclusive of Handouts and Materials
  • Hands On – Vision Making Sorts of Sessions
  • Activity Based – Scenarios Driven
  • Gallery and Visual Representations

Schedule of Sessions (subject to change)

View the BOOM 2019 schedule & directory.

Previous Years of BOOM

From left, Barbara Smith '69, Beverly Guy-Scheftall and Raquel Willis engaged in the keynote conversation on radical inclusion.

BOOM! 2019: reflection and connection

Mount Holyoke College’s third annual learning conference on diversity, equity and inclusion draws big crowds and big topics.
Photo of a speaker at the 2017 BOOM Conference

Get ready for BOOM! 2018

Mount Holyoke continues to work toward equity and inclusion as the BOOM! Learning Conference returns for a second year.
Boom Learning Conference logo

BOOM 2017: The Inaugural BOOM conference

The conference grew out of the Plan for Mount Holyoke 2021, which outlines the College’s collective commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.