Image of student on laptop

Finding a summer internship: a monthly guide

Now is the time to get going on finding a summer internship. This month-by-month guide will help keep you organized and find the ideal position.
The Mount Holyoke College Botanic Garden

Plants. With purpose.

The Botanic Garden is a living, curated collection of plants that can be used, much like the Art Museum or library, for classes of all disciplines.
Lynn Morgan standing by tree in front of building

Beyond abortion: what is reproductive justice

Reproductive politics touch everything, says Lynn Morgan, MHC anthropology professor who has studied the subject extensively in Latin America and Europe.
This photo shows survivors of sexual violence and their families, who work in a sewing studio outside the city of Beni, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

International relations through a camera lens

Internationally known conflict photographer Peter Muller will teach a course on culture, war and violence using photography as a tool of inquiry.
Marcella Hall is he new Vice President of Student Life.

Hip-hop, social justice, and education

Studying the music and culture of hip-hop provides Mount Holyoke’s head of student life with a framework for community building.
Photo of the Alumnae Quarterly sign

The Alumnae Quarterly Celebrates 100 Years

It began as The Mount Holyoke, part literary magazine, student newspaper, and alumnae publication. In 1916, the publication split, and the AQ was born.