Board members of the Mount Holyoke Model United Nations pose with their Distinguished Student Organization Award citation (from left): Maham Khan '19, Marwa Mikati '17, Kim Foreiter '19 and Edith Amoafoa-Smart '19.

Thriving at MHC? Student leaders.

The annual Student Leadership and Service Awards presentation was a celebration of Mount Holyoke’s top student leaders.
Students on Skinner Green celebrating Pangy Day

You know you’re an MHC student when ...

… everything about the tradition of Pangy Day makes perfect sense!
Fulbright logo

MHC’s English-teacher Fulbrights bat 1,000

Each Mount Holyoke student who applied for a Fulbright teaching scholarship was selected as a finalist.
MyinTuition logo

Introducing MyinTuition

Mount Holyoke is now providing this fast, free, anonymous tool with just six basic financial questions to help students and parents estimate college costs.
Lucinda Covington ’17

Meet the class of 2017: Lucinda Covington

“Besides moving to a new country, I am proudest of the intellectual passion I discovered, developed and continue to nurture: film.”
Illustration for Spring Appeal

The Power of Investing in Women

At MHC students find their voices, realize their dreams, and stretch their perceptions of what is possible. You make that possible.