Photo of the Mount Holyoke College campus taken from the air

Visiting Mount Holyoke?

One campus. More than 700 acres. Limitless ways to explore. Here are 12 can’t-miss destinations on campus.
Grinspoon Entrepreneurship Initiative award winners (from left) Regina Ye ’18, Kate Meacham ’20, Shay Lahon ’18 and Mariana Jaramillo ’20 pose with their entrepreneurship professor, Rick Feldman

"I'd like to thank the Academy ..."

Six students won Grinspoon awards for their new businesses, highlighting Mount Holyoke’s commitment to entrepreneurship.
Archive photo of Toshi Miyagawa, Mount Holyoke's first international student

Mount Holyoke’s first international student

Toshi Miyagawa came to Mount Holyoke in 1890 from Japan and, after graduation, returned to her home country to teach.
Schwartzer and his students in front of their posters at the NEURON conference

The brainiest research

Students of Mount Holyoke’s expanding neuroscience program shine at annual NEURON conference.
Christopher Mitchell

Why deregulation is before Congress again

In The Washington Post, Mount Holyoke professor of international relations and politics explained the cycle of crisis and deregulation.
Graphic stating: Destination $1 Million June 1-22, 2018

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