Black History Month 2016-Eunice Esomonu

Black History Month events to celebrate art.

Mount Holyoke College will celebrate African Americans and art through a series of exhibits, performances, and lectures during Black History Month.
A display case from the College Girl Fiction exhibit

Brains, beauties, athletes, and butterflies.

The “College Girl Fiction” exhibit at MHC showcases fictional depictions of college girls in popular literature from the 20th and 21st centuries.
Image of APAU students in 1990-1991.

Celebrating community.

From the APAU to WMHC, the hundreds of student organizations on campus are a big part of the vibrant and diverse community at Mount Holyoke.
Inset image of Woolley-Marks letter.

Historic letters come alive in digital form.

Mount Holyoke College alumnae are transcribing handwritten letters from the archives in order to make them easier to read by students and scholars.
Image of alumnae sledding down Prospect Hill in 1961.

MoHome Memories: Racing down Prospect Hill.

Whether it was by toboggan or cafeteria tray (or other creative sled substitute), sledding was—and remains—a favorite winter pastime for MHC students.
Image of Nana Konadu Cann ’16

Teaming with sisterhood.

Introducing Nana Konadu Cann ’16: “We all want to see one another succeed—it’s just part of the community here.”