David W. Sanford

New music from a leader in his field

Mount Holyoke professor David Sanford’s latest work, “Black Noise,” will be premiered by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project in Boston and Amherst.
capital highlight

Students bond with alumnae in public service

Mount Holyoke students visit Washington, D.C., and find inspiration from alumnae to explore careers in public service.
Photo of Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill to speak

One of the nation’s most respected voices on diversity will deliver the BOOM: Building On Our Momentum conference keynote on Monday, March 27.
Image of two people conducting an interview

Five tips for informational interviewing

The art of career discovery and networking? Seek. Research. Question. Listen. Follow up.
color coded mice

In search of a cause for autism

Mount Holyoke’s Jared Schwartzer has found an unusual use for temporary hair color: It helps him accelerate his research into a possible cause of autism.
Highlight image for International Women's Day

Why support women?

In times when women are still fighting to have their voices heard, investing in Mount Holyoke makes a powerful statement. See why alums give back.