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Joint BA/MA Program in Geneva

Complete a BA and an MA in five years, instead of the usual six years.

Participating Mount Holyoke students will spend the fall semester of their senior year at the Graduate Institute in Geneva participating there in the first semester of the MA program. They will return to Mount Holyoke for the spring semester of their senior year and for graduation, and then go back to the Graduate Institute for a fifth year of study to complete their Master’s degree.

The Graduate Institute, Geneva
Selective and cosmopolitan, the Graduate Institute is located in the heart of international Geneva and specialises in the study of the major global, international and transnational challenges facing the contemporary world.

Geneva is the European headquarters of the United Nations and the most active location in the world in multilateral diplomacy. Today it hosts 30 international organisations, 250 international non-governmental organisations and 172 states represented by a permanent mission.

The Graduate Institute is comprised of a student body of exclusively graduate and post-graduate programs, with over 100 nationalities represented.

The vast majority of classes is taught in English. Students with limited or no French have to study French as part of their program.

The Graduate Institute offers and interdisciplinary and disciplinary master’s programs. The interdisciplinary master’s program is the most suitable for Mount Holyoke students.

Interdisciplinary Master’s Program:

The international and development studies master's program focuses on global challenges and their systemic dynamics. Through a combination of scientific excellence, transdisciplinarity, and critical thinking, the program prepares future professionals and decision makers open to the world and able to understand and embrace complexity.

Students choose a specialization from:

  • Conflict, Peace and Security
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Gender, Race and Diversity
  • Global Health
  • Human Rights and Humanitarianism
  • Mobilities, Migrations and Boundaries
  • Sustainable Trade and Finance

Disciplinary Master’s Programs:

Anthropology and Sociology approaches the study of international affairs and development by inquiring into how social and cultural life, as well as political and economic practices, are shaped across multiple spatial and temporal scales.

International History explores the modern world through transnational histories, taking into account a multiplicity of perspectives.

International Economics is a highly competitive program organized into three tracks: (i) International Finance, (ii) Development and (iii) International Trade. GRE scores required for application.

Political Science/International Relations equips students with the analytical tools and substantive background to understand a wide range of political topics, including comparative politics, conflict studies, political economy, international governance, and methodology.

International Law includes in-depth training in international law with complementary courses in economics, history, political science, anthropology and sociology.

Mount Holyoke students should submit the College’s Request to Study Abroad in my.mtholyoke and the accompanying, separate Geneva paper application to the selection committee at the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives by November 30. The selection committee determines which students the McCulloch Center recommends to the Graduate Institute. Recommended students then apply directly to the Graduate Institute by January 15. Admission is decided on by the Graduate Institute on the basis of the overall application file with priority given to academic achievement, recommendations and letters of motivation.

The fall semester of the senior year is treated like a study abroad program. For Fall 2021, the program fee is $11,400. It covers tuition at the Graduate Institute and is paid to Mount Holyoke. In addition, students are responsible for living expenses, airfare, books, etc. Room and board are estimated at CHF 1,800/month. Students are eligible for Laurel Fellowships depending on their financial need. Students who have already received Laurel funding for a semester abroad are generally not eligible to apply for Laurel Funding again.

Mount Holyoke does not offer financial support for the fifth year of study, though students may apply to the Graduate Institute for financial aid according to the Graduate Institute's regulations and practices. Students are responsible for paying tuition and fees directly to the Graduate Institute as well as room and board and other incidental costs. The total cost for the fifth year is estimated at CHF 26,000. This includes tuition (CHF 8,000) plus room and board and other expenses. Visit for details.

Eligibility requirements:
To be eligible to apply to this selective program, Mount Holyoke College students must meet the following requirements:

  • Meet Mount Holyoke’s general requirements for academic leave of absence
  • Have a GPA of at least 3.5
  • Must have completed 96 credits of coursework by the end of their junior year

Additionally, students should ordinarily be at Mount Holyoke during their junior year.

Successful candidates will be receive an offer of accommodation in the Graduate Institute’s Student House for the fall senior year semester. Students prepare their own meals in the Student House.

For the Master’s year, students choose either private accommodation or student residences.

Students applying for one of the Master’s Programs must submit their application to Mount Holyoke by November 30. Mount Holyoke will recommend students to the Graduate Institute, and students will need to apply to the Institute by January 15.

For more information

Interested in a unique opportunity to complete your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 5 years, rather than 6?

Contact Kavita Khory, Carol Hoffmann Collins Director of the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives and Ruth Lawson Professor of Politics at or
April Stroud, Director of Study Abroad at 413-538-2072 or