Joint BA/MA Program in Geneva

Mount Holyoke College and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies have established a new program that will allow a small number of students to complete a BA at Mount Holyoke and an MA from the Graduate Institute in five years, instead of the usual six years.

Participating Mount Holyoke students will spend the fall semester of their senior year at the Graduate Institute in Geneva participating there in the first semester of the MA program. They will return to Mount Holyoke for the spring semester of their senior year and for graduation, and then go back to the Graduate Institute for a fifth year of study to complete their Master’s degree.

The Graduate Institute offers two categories of master’s programs

  1. Disciplinary Master’s Programs

  1. Interdisciplinary Master’s Programs in

The fall semester of the senior year is treated like a study abroad program. For fall 2018, Mount Holyoke students pay a program fee of $ 11,000 which covers tuition at the Graduate Institute. In addition, students are responsible for living expenses, airfare, books, etc. Room and board are estimated at CHF 1,800/month. Students are eligible for Laurel Fellowships depending on their financial need. Students who have already received Laurel funding for a semester abroad are generally not eligible to apply for Laurel Funding again.

During the fifth year of study, students are responsible for covering tuition to the Graduate Institute as well as room and board and other incidental costs. The total cost for the fifth year is estimated at 26,000 CHF. This includes tuition (CHF 8,000) and room and board and other expenses.

The vast majority of classes is taught in English. Students with limited or no French have to study French as part of their program.

To be eligible for this program, Mount Holyoke students

  • must have a GPA of at least 3.5
  • must have completed 96 credits of course work by the end of their junior year
  • should ordinarily be at Mount Holyoke during their junior year

Students applying for one of the Master’s Programs must submit their application to Mount Holyoke by February 1, 2018. Mount Holyoke will recommend students to the Graduate Institute, and students will need to apply to the Institute by March 1, 2018.

For more information

If you have questions about the program, please contact Eva Paus, Carol Hoffmann Collins Director of the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives and Professor of Economics.