Top Majors at Mount Holyoke: What Makes Them Popular?

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What makes students flock to study certain subjects? Is it what they bring to their courses or is it the extraordinary professors they find once they take a class or two? 

At Mount Holyoke College, it’s a little bit of both. 

We offer 48 departmental and interdepartmental majors, with biology, economics, environmental studies and psychology among the most popular. Our fastest-growing major? Computer science. Our newest? Data science.

As a Mount Holyoke student, you choose your first classes based on your personal interests and experiences. No matter what discipline you select, you find innovative professors at the top of their fields in their research. 

They also love teaching and they love the close communities they form in their departments and programs. New, diverse, accomplished faculty are the latest to join the College’s nearly 200-year-old legacy of world-renowned experts in history, the sciences, economics, international relations, mathematics, politics and more. Two-thirds of new faculty hired in the last five years are people of color.

The most popular majors at Mount Holyoke are among the most popular with college students nationwide because they offer solid skills and clear career paths. And what happens when you start taking classes in that area? You take more because of the quality of the faculty, your many options for individual work and research, and your close connections with your professors. 

Read about some of the most popular majors. See yourself here.

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Spotlight on popular majors: English

Calling all students with “a great hunger for both creative expression and deep analytic thinking” who want to study with involved and dedicated faculty.
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Spotlight on top majors: computer science

Computer science is empowering as well as lucrative — but what you might not know is how much fun it is, besides.
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Spotlight on popular majors: psychology

Whether it’s graduate school or going straight to work, psychology gives you the skills employers look for.
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Spotlight on popular majors: Biology

Learn how to conduct experiments, collect and manage data and more from accomplished faculty with wide-ranging expertise and an eagerness to teach.