Meet the class of 2021

Mount Holyoke College’s about-to-be alums are intellectually curious, brilliant, versatile, resilient, creative — and know how to lead.  

They are devoted to their Mount Holyoke communities — communities of friends, classes, professors and staff, workplaces, alums and more. 

Congratulations and best wishes to the members of the class of 2021, some of whom have shared their stories.   

Robin Kerr
“I have such a greater understanding of the ways people are connected. Everyone here wants to have those conversations, to learn more about each other.”
Abby Bridgers
“Instead of trying to fit myself into a box, Mount Holyoke demanded that I think about where am I strongest, where can I put these skills to use.”
Genesis and Nicole Lara Granados
“I never thought I’d research reproductive organs. But it’s super cool.” – Genesis. “We find our space on campus. There’s a space for everyone.” – Nicole
 Casey Roepke
“Mount Holyoke changed me. It taught me how to think tangibly with critical-thinking skills. It taught me to challenge my own assumptions every day.”
Peyton Kim-LaTona ’21
“I was finding the math in my drawings and the music in my art. I grew to love architecture, seeing where I could apply scientific principles to the arts.”
Michael Lawrence-Riddell
“I don’t leave a class without having thought about something in a new way that helps me solidify and sharpen my thinking about the work that I’m doing.”
Sara Sarmiento
“Having close relationships with professors is something that I didn’t know was going to happen. Just knowing an adult who knows the way around academia.”
Kuzivakwashe Madungwe
“Playing squash challenged me to push myself beyond what I thought I could achieve as an athlete. The whole student-athlete experience has been amazing.”
Rahael George
“I want to use my Mount Holyoke education and what I’ve learned to make sure that my classroom is equitable and do my part as a teacher.”
Muyun (Charlotte) Wang
“This is the place where I can really let my voice be heard by other people, where I can figure out my potential as a woman, and as a woman of color.”
Shayn Keiter-Massefski
“I love how easy it has been for me to make connections and form relationships. I am grateful for those connections, both as friendships and mentorships.”
Sommer Byers
“Everyone here inspires me to push beyond what I thought possible, question assumptions, envision a better world. My peers are formidable and inspiring.”
Guneet Moihdeen
“The results I found were obvious to me, but I didn’t know that not everyone had access to these skills. I saw my Mount Holyoke education in practice.”
Alma Evertz ’21
“At MHC, instead of it being a competitive environment, professors and students really work together in class for everyone to learn and to do their best.”
Sophia Marcellus
“The professors want to see you succeed. So just know that wherever you want to go in life, you will always have support to help you get there.”
Megan Michaels FP’21
“I feel so lucky to be admitted to this incredible Frances Perkins program. The support for students is really unparalleled.”
Tai Masuda ’21
“My social justice passion was developed at Mount Holyoke. That’s where I realized that I want to do better for my community, using the skills I learned.”