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Mary Sartorio ’24, Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics

Creating “aha” moments for students

“I found a program that seemed like it was catered for me. It was unbelievable. The fact that it was for experienced K–8 math teachers was very unique. Then when I got here, it was even more eye-opening.”

Maeesha Tasnim Naomi ’24

The interdisciplinary roots of neuroscience

“I cannot imagine what my life could have been like without Mount Holyoke,” she said. “Be it academics, internships, extracurricular activities, community, friendships and interests, Mount Holyoke beautifully helped me tie a lot of these things together and become a better and more confident person.”

Qiana Pierre ’23

Forging bonds from the start through the Shirley Chisholm Living-Learning Community

“I’ve met amazing people that I still look to for friendship, and I’ve also met younger underclassmen whom I feel would definitely do an amazing job of taking over and continuing the legacy.”

Hilary Vergera

Finding connection through curiosity

“At Mount Holyoke I found my people and my place — marked by an endless spirit of curiosity. I found the people I felt like I’d been searching for my whole life: passionate, driven, interesting and interested — in me, my story and the things I care about.”